Custom Spinning Photo Pendant


FREE SHIPPING: 1-2 weeks to Deliver

This item can have pictures on both sides of the pendant.

This new piece is a very unique custom photo pendant piece that brings a twist to the regular photo pendant.  Whether its mothers day, fathers day, a birthday gift , anniversary gift, date , family or someone's demise these photo pendants will make your loved ones feel cared for and made special. They are the perfect gift idea for any events. There is no feeling in the world that is better than the happiness you will receive from giving or receiving these thoughtful gift.

These custom pendants are handcrafted with the industries best smiths. We ensure the best quality is received by our customers. To make it up to you we are also offering 1 time free replacement or repair for any damages or tarnishing after purchase. After that you will have to pay restocking and service fee of 25$ plus shipping for your repairs.  


Our Regular Shipping time

 You will receive your order within 1-2 weeks. However, it may take up to 3 weeks due to the pandemic.


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